Sunday, October 07, 2007

Name our dog!

Meet our new puppy! He is a hound mix and is about 14 weeks old. Julie and I are calling him Brutus for now. We are open to any other name suggestions.

He has already crapped in the house twice and peed that many times too. He did pee in the hallway by the elevator most recently, which is better than doing it on my carpet.


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    name him Nala if pisses a lot... Or you could name him "Fad that i will be totally sick of in about 3 months"... either one.

  2. Nice picture... I'm 99% sure Anonymous is Ed / the world's biggest dog hater.

    Brutus works, but Tressel, Tres, or sweater vest could also be good options.

    Traci likes people names like steve or bill ;)

  3. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Brutus is a good name for a bitch...

  4. I think anonymous is a good name for a bitch! He will now be trained to attack all public officials including coucilmen.

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    A high rise is a great place for a dog... Lots of hallways to duke in and neighbors to annoy... Name it Noise Violation or Public Urination

    Im jut waiting for the time we hear - Cant come to columbus cuz I couldnt find someone to watch my dog...

    Hate Hate Hate

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    actually only the first anom was me - ed

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    The other might be Mr. Alabama.

  8. Only cowards hide behind anonymity - but I appreciate the attempted anonymous call out.

    Nate, let me be the first to say, I like the dog. He's cute. And by cute, I mean adorable. My parents just tried the new dog thing - it lasted approximately 3 weeks - then back to the breeders. Generally speaking, when a dog looks you in the eye as it craps on your floor.. not so good. The only good thing about him was his name: Cujo.

  9. I do have a very big front yard and a giant lake across the street. The dog has no problem riding in the car to Columbus. On the subject of crapping in the hallways of high rises.... Do you really want to open that topic up to debate?

  10. I have a picture of a prospective councilman trying to shit in Nate's old trash chute. As for names, I have always been fond of "Fucker". If you are concerned about the social awkwardness, go with "Damn it". Either will provide a moment of levity, even at the most furious of moments.

  11. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I posted one anom about how you will be sick of the dog in three weeks... I happen to agree with the one about crapping in the hallway...

    Yes I cant stand most dogs, and No I probably wont act all excited when you cart the crap factory all the way to columbus. Let me know when it gets a job, moves out and craps on someone famous Chicago landmark or person.

    Go bucks


  12. If you name him Carmen he might crap in your room... twice. Anyways, I say you name him something like Clyde or Alonzo. With Alonzo you can call him Zo, Al or even Lonz.

  13. Name it lucky's stout house, because thats where ed is instead of campaigning.