Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Go Tribe!

I'm not the world's biggest baseball fan... but watching HD sports during the week is nice. Indians vs Red Sox starts Friday @ 7:00pm... I'll be in Lexington for training... hopefully we can procure some "Burning River" for good luck.


  1. The Asian Dream and I were just partying it up in Lexington last week.. where are you going to be exactly? There a bunch of decent bars right around Rupp.. we found a place that had $6 all you can drink drafts and wells - but beware, bars don't close till 3..

  2. Good work! I'll be at a hotel just outside downtown on Newton Pike... which according to google maps eventually crosses main street.

  3. Cool - you're probably not far.. do a google maps search for "Two Keys Tavern" in Lexington. The $6 drinking buffet is just up Limestone (going NE) on the left. I think we ate at a place called Cheapside Bar & Grill which was pretty good too.