Sunday, October 07, 2007

Guitar Hero is So 07... meet Rock Band!!

I'm sure almost everyone has heard of guitar hero... the music rhytm game where you jam out with plastic toy guitars and pretend to be a Rock God. Well that game will be toast now that Rock Band is on the way. The original developers of Guitar Hero broke away and got signed by Electronic Arts and now they added a microphone, drum set, guitars, and bass. The vocals work kinda like a Karoke game that scores you based on pitch and timing... kinda like the guitar stuff. Anyway this thing will be out in a couple of months... and they just announced the price for the full kit. It's something like $170 bucks... not to bad when you get a guitar, drum set, microphone, and $60 game.

I am saving up for this beast... and we will rock!

I can't wait to play drums on won't get fooled again!

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  1. FYI: The new generation of consoles will support downloadable content ranging from individual songs to entire albums. Some examples...

    Who's Next: The Who
    Nevermind: Nirvana

    As well as select tracks from Metallica!!