Monday, August 06, 2007

Next Great Adventure...

starts tomorrow! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, Carson Peterson, Jared Lairmore and myself will be cycling down the Pacific Coast from Portland, OR to sunny San Diego, CA over the next month. We fly into Portland (G-Town West) tomorrow, knock out a couple of last minute training rides and fresh Portland micro-brews and then we're on our way Friday morning. We'll be riding about 50-60 miles a day and camping 6 out of 7 days a week.

We're heading straight down the coastline on the ol' PCH which should produce some amazing photos and ofcourse some wild stories. I know I've been training for the last 5 months to get into shape for this thing and well let's face it, the other 2 guys are in good enough shape to do this with me on their back.

There is one key component we're looking for some help with and that's laundry. I know it's a weird request but if anyone happens to have friends that are fortunate enough to live on the west coast and you think they might be willing to let us invade their house for a couple of hours to scrub off some of the dirt it would be greatly appreciated. I figure it's a long shot but well worth the try.

Anyway, please wish us luck (anyone familiar with my traveling woes knows we'll need it) and feel free to email me at I'll be checking my email as often as possible and trying to post a blog or two if i get the chance.


  1. Holy hell - that sounds awesome! I wish I could join my gardening leave came jsut too early. Good luck my man....

  2. That sounds awesome. Seth and I drove (we were in a chevy, not on bikes) most of the Pacific Coast between Portland and San Francisco. We took a few "roads" that were dotted lines on the map. It was amazing. Have a good time, best of luck

  3. BAD ASS!!! We'll definitely need an update from the road... and maybe a graphic picture of someones infected saddle sore ass!

    With google maps you can save your own maps which you can share with a url... we can keep track of you as you travel.

    Are you just traveling down Highway 1 or is there a bike path? Be careful of shady-hippy beach bums... they'll be your friend one minute then club you to death in your sleeping bag ala Easy Rider.

    Good luck... Brian Blake lives in San Jose... not sure if I really know anyone else on the left coast... if I think of anyone I'll give you a call or send you an email.