Thursday, May 31, 2007

Once again a friendly .nerd post is in order as Google adds a new feature to google maps... Street View! This is different from Microsoft's "Bird's eye view" in that the images are actually take at street level. Here's a quick quote from the ABC news article I linked to.
Google sent vans out with cameras mounted on top, plus GPS locators and computers to store the data they collected. The result was a giant database of images, which can give you panoramic views of a location, or allow you to move down the street a little and get a different view.
Check out Magnolia Bakery (they've got all the bomb frostings!).

Right now they've only got San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami, and the Big Apple... soon they'll have Virgina Ave and everyone in the world will see our fake, 1960 Sears and Roebuck wrought iron banisters.


  1. Better be careful going in and out of the PD.

    Check out this Street View