Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chronic... What?

Two weekends ago Traci, Erin, Joe and I went to the new Drexel theatre at the OSU University Gateway to check out the Chronicles of Narnia. Now I read all of the CS Lewis books in fifth grade so I was familiar with the basic plot, but by no means did I know what to expect.

I must admit, the deciding factor was the SNL clip, in fact the only thing I could think of during the movie was "we're about to get taken to a dream world of magic." If I could use one line to summarize the movie... that would be it. There are lots of special effects that bring the world 'alive' and the story is one that's been told a million times before; good vs evil, light vs dark, warm vs cold, loyalty and betrayal, going above and beyond the call of duty and overcoming your fears. If you were a fan of the books, maybe its worth seeing in the theatre... otherwise rent it. Has anyone else seen the movie? Anyone else recommend a new flick to rent?

Perhaps the coolest part of the entire night was just walking around and checking out the gateway center. The theatre was really big, new and nice, reminded me a lot of the arena district theatre, in fact the entire area reminded me of the arena district. It seemed like a third or more of the shops were still in the 'coming soon mode', but if they can get a few more bars in there they should be bringing in the cash.


  1. I've seen it, and thought it was amazing. The CGI stuff was awesome with Aslan looking much more lion like then King Kong looking like a giant Monkey. And it is the ULTIMATE story of good and evil - it's based on the bible you fool!

    Now what is this new gateway thing you speak of?

  2. Let me guess...good wins. Must be a Hollywood theme with no basis in reality. Did you get a chance to check out the dirty tuna taco bar. Was there a little hooded guy in a canoe guarding the entrance? I've heard rumors.

  3. Thanks for the lion remider... your right that lion looks damn real. The gateway was that campus partners development on High street... they bought out a couple of blocks on high street, demolished everything and built a new urban landscape to revitelize the neighborhood. The moved the longs books sign to the development and put it outside a barnes and noble... I bet everyone just shops at sbx instead... rock on!

  4. we didn't go into the ugly tuna... but I heard from a friend that they have two xbox 360 kiosks in there... mmm hd video games