Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Indianapolis 500

Anyone interested in going? Im going to go i think, its like 25 per person for the infield and you just drive on in with a cooler and stuff in the trunk and party all day. Might rent a van or something.



  1. I am planning on going with some older guys from work. We should meet up before, during or after. There is a bar downtown called Nicky Blaine's that I want to go to after the race. It is a old fashioned lounge type big bar with cigars and leather furniture.

  2. Nicky Blaine's is a sweet place. I worked in Indy for 14 months I spent many Wednesday nights there drinking dirtys and smoking cigars. They have some great live music there.

    It is not a really popular spot but it gets a croud. I actually saw it ranked somewhere as one of the top 5 martini lounges in the country.