Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hola Amigos!
I am back from my Costa Rican Adventure! Miss me?
Is there a secret tunnel between Costa Rica and USA? I have never met so many yanks in my life, not even in USA! I had a great time in the jungle and at Arenal Volcano and especially at Puerto Viejo. However i wasn't too keen on Tamarindo - sorry Joe. It has a Pizza Hut for f**k's sake! All snaps will be on flickr soon but i also have some SWEET videos.....How do i post them?
Now to get saving for the hog roast helicopter flight.......


  1. Look at you all max'n and relax'n... where's the gun show? Looks like you got two tickets to it?

    Use Youtube for the videos... and maybe try google maps "My maps feature" for a National Geographic style report.

  2. You lucky mofo - I'm glad you got to see Arenal and Puerto Viejo. I can't believe that Tamarindo has a Pizza Hut. When we were there corporate America had not found it yet, we stayed in $10 a night shacks and dudes riding by on bikes would ask if you wanted any mota. I am truly jealous.