Saturday, March 10, 2007

Playstation Home

As I mentioned in my audio post, Sony announced a new online service for the PS3 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The service is called home and it combines ellements of X-box Live and Nintendo's Mii's in an online 3-d space... it looks very similar to second life if you've ever heard of that.

Check out this screen cap of the face editor... very different from a Mii. Be sure to watch the video below which summarizes all of the features better than I can (you can share music / video stored on your hard drive).

The service is going to be a "free", that is no monthly fees to participate, however they'll be selling you shit all the time... and advertising a bunch of shit as well. Anyway, the beta starts in April and is scheduled for final release this fall.

Personally I think the PS3 needed something like this to combat x-box live. Home will essentially act as a standard pre-game lobby where you can launch your multi-player online games (which the PS3 currently lacks).


  1. That's freaky. Should I get an xbox or PS3?

  2. It's a tough choice... I'm leaning towards PS3... seems more like a piece of consumer electronics than just a game playing machine.

    The Wii is really fun, but I don't think it'll really get a shit load of super bad ass games... just lots of fun, simple games and Mario stuff.

  3. Scratch that... breaking news!!!! Wii virtual console store adds Tecmo Bowl! This is the first one, not Super Bowl...


  4. wow, complete regression. Maybe I'll just go buy a BMX bike instead.