Friday, March 23, 2007

Last Minute Advice?

Hola Amigos,
packing up ready to head off to Costa Rica. Does anyone have any last minute advice other than the below?
"Prostitiution is legal in Costa Rica. Prostitutes catering to tourists usually hang out in Calle 7 and Avenida Central and Avenida Cinco. Hooker angling for local trade will set up shop in bars and in the red light districts. The hookers around Calle 12 in San Jose are generally transvestite or transsexuals."

I know the obvious things, such as double up on the rubbers if you meet her in the street, don't let a unicorn drive your truck, attend a JT concert if and when the opportunity arises, you don't win friends with Salad etc......

Will there be spring break 'left overs'?


  1. 1) There are always spring break left overs... although at this time of year there probably small Christian schools doing "outreach"... "BDM".

    2) Clearly you know to stay away from 12 street.

  2. Look out for the hookers with Adam's apples. Anyways, here are some quick translations for you:

    Imperial = their national beer, tasty!
    Tico(s) = Costa rican male(s)
    Tica(s) = Costa rican female(s)
    Culo = ass
    Culear = to get culo
    Pura Vida = hello, goodbye and cool