Thursday, February 01, 2007

Changes Are Here...

I'm sure you've been experiencing some problems with the blog over the past few days. All of this is related to making "the switch" to the new blogger. I'll try to document the process below, in the meantime please be patient, it may take a little while but eventually we should see some benefits.

When I logged in on Tuesday I was greeted with a new "update your blog" window. It was early in the a.m. and I wasn't finished with my second cup of coffee, so I figured what the hell it's gotta happen some time. It seemed easy enough, all they wanted to do was move my existing account and associate it with a Google account. I've been using gmail as a back end for blog related stuff for a while so everything was already in place, needless to say modifying the existing account was painless.

The next step was to update all of the existing blogs to the new blogger service. I assume this is kinda like a database migration project, taking existing posts, formats, comments, pictures and moving them to a new server with different tools / options / services (i.e. the "New Blogger"). Although I didn't get a screen capture for proof, I was assured that this process normally takes minutes.

Well minutes turned to hours, and eventually a new screen informed me that blogger would email me when the transition was complete. We've had a total of 2005 posts over three years (Jan 25th 2004 is the blog's birthday), that's almost two posts a day. Right now there's no way to quantify the comments, however I'm sure it's much higher than the number of posts. With all this info I can see why it may take a while to migrate. After 9 hours of migration I finally received the "all clear" email from blogger at 6:00pm. However, it seems to me that there are still some growing pains associated with the migration, just after posting a comment and refreshing I received a strange error report which I've never seen before.
In the end what really matters is how the update is affects everyone else. So please let me know how the transition works from a "user" perspective. My understanding is that you will be asked to transition your existing blogger account info to your Google account the next time you log in to comment or post. Let me know how / if this works out. Essentially if you already had an existing blogger account you will be forced to sign in using a Google account the next time you log in (all you gmail haters may become believers in the process).

One last thing... I should have waited for the weekend to make this switch... my apologies.


  1. Hmm - I can still comment with the old blogger account..

  2. Maybe once you try to post to the main-page or log into the blogger dashboard you'll be forced.

    If you take a look at the contributors section Joe and Ka are the only other people there.

    When I look at the permission page from the dashboard view I see everyone else, however Ka and Joe have their gmail addresses associated with them.

    Joe / Ka; have you guys migrated your blogger accounts?

  3. What benefits Erick?!?!?!? WHAT BENEFITS?!?!?!?! Google is simply trying to rule the world....

    The blog should be about the free exchange of G-View love, not the free exchange after we suckle ourselves to the Google Whore!

  4. Ed is still very bitter about not buying stock when he was graduating college. He spent all his money on filp-flops.

  5. Never fear. It only took me about 1 minute for the big data move. They must have improved the process.