Tuesday, January 30, 2007


An Inconvenient Truth:
Awesome documentary. It removed any doubt I had left that recent temperature changes were merely part of the earth's ebbs and flows. Global warming is real, near and severe. Major environmental changes will occur in our lifetimes or the next generation. The problem is, I do not think we can really stop it. Until a major catastrophe (20 foot sea level rise) no major changes will occur. My plan is to be ready for it. People on all coasts will be screwed, but all of us in the middle should be safe.
Mel Gibson did it again. This one had me glued to the big screen for the entire two hours. If the ancient Mayans really lived that way, then, damn... The plot is not about the ancient culture though, it is mostly about a small village and a few families. Once the action begins it does not stop. The gore is a bit excessive, but entertaining. The moral of the story is that over consumption and greed will lead to society's downfall.
The Last Kiss:
A good date movie out on DVD that stars Zach Braff from Scrubs.


  1. An Inconvenient Truth is really good - it seems to have really shifted the debate on "climate change" - you almost never hear the old canard that the scientific community is still debating whether it exists or not.. the only unfortunate thing about the movie is that it got labeled "The Al Gore" movie, which means a significant number of people will choose not to see it based purely on their political views.

  2. jared4:17 PM

    too add to Pat's comment about certain people not watching it...God is a republican, so we're safe.

  3. I think the tittle of "The Al Gore" movie is brilliant; "An Inconvenient Truth" really captures the way people dismiss global warming.

  4. Did any of you know that there was an OSU shout out in that movie? Gore mentioned Lonnie Thompson, who was doing the ice drilling. He was my professor for a Geology class I took at OSU! I think I got a B.

  5. Word Lonnie Thompson is a baller! He's part of the geography department. I took one of my weather and climate labs through the warehouse where they store all the ice cores and extract the gases... it's a massive cold room.