Monday, December 18, 2006

MNF, $0.33 Wings, Hastie Bros. Defeat

Just a quick fantasy football post and request. It's been about a year since a group of us have visited Barley's on Monday to eat cheap wings, drink good beer, and watch Monday night football. Tonights game between the Colts and Bengals should be a good one, not only are two AFC teams going at it with playoff implications, it also affects our g-town Fantasy Football playoff.

Yesterday, number one seed Jimmy took down Ed 115-78. At the moment I've got a 50 point lead on Alex, but he's got Carson Palmer, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Adam Vinatieri left for tonight. The two Bengal players could easily get 50 if the game becomes a shootout like everyone expects. So Alex still has hope. I've got Joseph Adai so I could put up a few more points as well.

Anyway I'm planning on heading down to Barley's around 8:00pm... I hear they've released their Christmas Ale and it's mighty fine.


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Lobao, eat my ass. You're gay and I hate you. Why did my team have their worst week of the season in the playoffs? I'm so salty and pissed off today it's unbelievable.


  2. Lobao, we should have a great match up next week! Hastie bros. you guys had a nice run but it had to end sometime. On a side note I have never beaten Erick in a Fantasy match up in the past 2 years. I will definitly be at Barley's at 8. And Erick we haven't gone to Barley's in ayear cause their food sucks!!!!!!!! ps I'm so glad the Hastie's Lost and I'm happy cause Ive got an automatic 225 comin to me beatch!!!!!

  3. I'll see you there. Will there be a separate table for the consolation ladder? That's such a nice way to say losers bracket...

  4. Hey it's not over till it's over Al... Palmer has had several 27 point games, Housh could get 20 and vinatieri put up 16 once... I'm guessing I'll be watching ever snap of tonight's game.

    All I can say is Larry Johnson let you down.

    Also not sure how that whole consolation thing works, but there's a close match between Grace and Witt that will be decided tonight.

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Erick, piss off. I'm serious, don't talk to me.


  6. T'will be a shootout tonight. Two great offenses and horrible defenses. And other than Brady and McNabb, I don't think that there are two better QB's in the league.