Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Best?

I stumbled across the list of the 50 highest paid players in the NBA earlier today - and what's striking is how little correlation there appears to be between the highest paid players in the league, and the best players.. The top five are:

1. Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves $21,000,000
2. Chris Webber Philadelphia 76ers $20,718,750
3. Shaquille O'Neal Miami Heat $20,000,000
4. Michael Finley San Antonio Spurs $19,030,999
5. Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets $18,084,000

I know there are limits on rookie salaries - which would explain the absense of LeBron, Wade, Carmello, etc.. but Michael Finley as the fourth highest player in basketball, I mean, come on...

By way of comparison, here's what I found for baseball:

1 Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees $25,680,727
2 Derek Jeter New York Yankees $20,600,000
3 Jason Giambi New York Yankees $20,428,571
4 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants $20,000,000
5 Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros $19,369,019

I couldn't find much for the NFL (searches for "football" kept bringing up some alien sport that involves kicking a black and white basketball into a net).. but Michael Vick may be the highest paid at around $8 million.

One thing is for sure, we're all in the wrong line of business.


  1. Great post! Now what you really need to find out is what the owners are taking home. The Yankees have their own television network... but still with such a high pay roll you'd think their margins are slim.

    I guess in the end if your a fan and your willing to buy a ticket then they've got something to sell.

  2. Which would explain why I have never been to an NBA game an NFL game or a MLB game where I paid full price for a ticket.

  3. I think top earner in my world is Mr. D Beckham - with a sweet £87 million.

    Global sports 1 - 0 USA sports