Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jason Lee

Just thought I'd clean out the "things to blog" closet. I've been using google's notebook plug in for firefox to save links, text, and images from websites I visit, it's a great research tool. Anyhoo check out this av club interview with Jason Lee (Click on the picture).

He talks about not watching TV and his love-affair with skateboarding.

Anyway expect some more random little posts later in the day. Also you guys got any camera suggestions? Right now I'm thinking about a cannon elph... something that will fit in my pocket.

Go Ed, Go! Get a Wii!! I hear Zelda is the shit.


  1. why not invest whatever you have for a camera in a decent camera phone, that way it's one less digital pocket filler.
    Michael has a sony-Ericson cybershot phone with 3.7 megapixel camera and video. buy a larger memory card and you can snap away for hours. It also has a 'blog this' direct picture function.

  2. Not a bad idea... the only problem is Verizon doesn't carry any of those phones... I'd like to try one out though.

    Check out this flick link of popular cameras... I think his phone might be one of the top camera phones....