Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tomcat comes to Akron

I don't know how many of the readers of this fine site would fall into the category of Tom Waits fans, but I have just discovered that he will be in Akron August 13(What are the odds?). I will be there. For those that know the Fools, they will be there. Tickets go on sale Friday@10am if there are any takers. He is one strange cat, but it is rather rare that he is touring. He hasn't been to Akron since the 80's and I hear it's a great show. $65 gets you in the door. It is at the Civic Theatre if anyone knows of it. Ed I'm looking to you and Mo for the info on the venue. Anyone want to go to Akron on a Sunday night? Myself, I'd trade a hazy Monday for an awesome Sunday anytime. BAM!!

On a side facet, who wants to go to the RHCP show but does not have tickets? Is scalping the plan? What's your limit?

On another side...of the prism of things, thanks to all of the OPR vets that showed up for the survivors party. You know who you are and you should be proud. The cops showed twice and the neighbors had no idea that we were back there. That includes my tenants, and their bedroom is next to the patio. WTF

I love dart night and I love the OPR. Keep rockin' G-Town Love. We are a strong people.

H. as S. and a L. T.
I live at 420 Wayhigh Dr. and got my PhD. from Eastview U. Wait,.......Where's that whale at?

Smile and Breathe!


  1. I'm still a definitely maybe on the RHCP show.. Oct. 30th, right?

    Doesn't Tomcat have something to do with Tom Cruise...

  2. Yes on the date. As for Tomcat. Tom Waits was the Tomcat long before the Californication of a few L. Ron Hubbard freaks. Maverick needs to give up on the scientology shit and find his boy Iceman so they can regain some order in the Middle East. Cowboy and Joker can't do it by themselves and Viper is getting up there in years.

  3. Im in for cleveland or columbus or both for RHCP as for tom, im watching paint dry that weekend.