Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New VI pics

Originally uploaded by acw1000.
Finally got around to figuring out how to use flickr


  1. Nice! These are sweet. The beer drinking hog in particular is bad ass. What island was he on?

    Also .nerd moment... check out the upload tool page (where you can download the flickr up-loader app which will let you upload and tag a bunch of pictures at once - beware the 20mb monthly upload cap though)

  2. That is what i did, the tool is great. the step I was missing for a while was the step where I shared the pics with G-Town Love group.

  3. check out the organize link... you will see all your pictures on a slider at the bottom, and the top half will have an edit area and a few tabs... essentially you'll just drag and drop your pics into the middle then send them to group... or drag and drop them one by one.