Monday, July 03, 2006


I sense this may not be top of you guys' list of priorities, but here goes anyway....

Wayne Rooney reportedly attempted to charge into Portugal's dressing room to confront Cristiano Ronaldo after England's bitter World Cup exit.

The ManYoo striker was incensed at the role of his club team-mate in his sending off and has reputedly vowed to "split him in two".

According to The Daily Mirror, a 'blazing mad' Rooney had to be restrained by his England team-mates before being bundled on to the team bus following the Three Lions' defeat on penalties.

But Rooney's fury was still threatening to explode the next morning. The Sun quotes an 'England insider' declaring: "At breakfast in the hotel this morning, Wayne said he would split him in two and smack him in the head. Who can blame him?

"He is determined to settle the score in his own way and there is nothing anyone can do about it."

Regardless of Ronaldo's involvement, Rooney's dismissal was sparked by an apparent loss of discipline when his frustration boiled over. So much for learning an important lesson, then

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  1. It didn't even occur to me that they were teamates when Rooney got sent off. We were watching at the roast and it looked like a weak call. The only problem was when Rooney started getting chippy... I think that's what made the red card come out.