Tuesday, July 04, 2006

OPR Group Photo

Yesterday I finally had a couple of hours to process all the pictures and video taken at the pig-roast. My pics have been uploaded to flickr... you can check em out here. I uploaded all the raw footage as well as a few edited pictures... cropped and touched up a bit using picasa. I also took about six videos, which I'll slowly release through youtube (setting up a you tube account is a quick and easy solution to upload video and add it to the blog through their embedded video players; the compression kinda hurts the video quality but at least it's free).

I had a great time at the roast... despite Jimmy's brand spanking new IPod getting stolen! If anyone was around the porch area late night and saw anything, knows anything, or took pictures on the dance floor let someone associated with the pig-roast know. Throwing the best party of the year is not worth it if some asshole feels the need to steal.

I know a lot of people were taking pictures all around the roast... so seriously if you see something strange, someone all alone on the porch... email the picture to ohiopigroast@yahoo.com... let's try and track down some info.

Otherwise, share your pictures and upload them to flickr then add them to the OPR group.


  1. I just noticed George and Melinda uploaded some of their pictures. There are a ton of great b&w pics that capture cool moments.

  2. Ijust checked them out...it looks HUGE!! Much more packed out then when i went to te founding OPR! Well done!

  3. I tried to take a lot of "overhead shots" to try and capture the crowds better... I think we had a similar turn out last year but it really didn't come across in the pics. The group picture really helps though... next year a tri-pod should help, anyone else have a better group shot?