Friday, June 09, 2006


Opposition to mainstream culture results in a counter culture forming. Once the counter culture is accepted by the majority does it cease to be counter culture and therefore become the new mainstream? Our shortsighted ways allow us to forget what we were opposing in the first place that caused the counter culture and we begin opposing the prior counter culture rather than the original “mainstream”. It is this fondness for the “pop(ular) culture” that causes us to loose sight of what we were opposing in the first place. Pop culture has no agenda other than to replace itself. At least the idea behind the formation of a counter culture has a purpose. We are distracted and diluted by pop culture. We are decisive and distilled as a counter culture. The growth of our apathy for true meaning in life is what I see as the Californication of our society.
RHCP began as a counterculture group. Once they got too big, they became, consequentially, part of the very machine they opposed in the beginning. Think of Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader and losing sight of the purpose of the Jedi in favor or personal advancement and individual satisfaction. Anymore our recording industry is no longer structured for a divergent way of thought. I think MTV has become the flagship for pop culture and has effectively commercialized music to the point that it has lost its purpose. Does music today inspire or move anyone or does it simply engross us long enough for the next distraction to come along?
If this is going to change, we must refine our philosophies and tastes and decide where we as a culture are headed rather than occupying our time with pop culture. A five hour reality show marathon may be entertaining on some level, but it acts like the “soma” of Brave New World. It makes us docile and distracted from the events in our lives that may truly have meaning. We should cast aside reality shows and MTV in favor of a lifestyle with purpose. It is very difficult for an individual to change the manner of the masses. However, if all individuals change their own behavior it allows the masses to change from within. And that is the end of this particular Stream Of Conscious Knowledge. (S.O.C.K) thanks RHCP and thanks counter culture.

From a counter culture of yesteryear......Did you exchange a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage?...

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  1. Have we found? The same old fears?

    ...And have we told you the name of the game boy? We call it ridin' the Gravy Train.

  2. You've got a lot of heavy thoughts in there. Life is full of contradictions and in order to be happy you've got to recognize what you can control... isn't there a bible quote in there?

    Anyhoo, one thing I love about the blogosphere is that it can be disruptive and to a certain degree "levels the playing field"... it takes very little effort to disseminate your ideas... kinda like a 21st century printing press.

    People make pop culture right? And people consume pop culture right? Do you blame those that create it or those that consume it? What do we do with all of this?