Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Red Hot....

So what is their fixation with California? I heard one of there new songs on the radio and it talks of Californiacation as well.... Why is this something they use over and over again? What is Californication? Why are they doing this? Someone explain?


  1. The degredation of the species as a result of "pop culture". Check the Chili's web site or maybe Urban Dictionary.

  2. Aren't they "pop culture" are they acknowledging that they are contributing to the degradation of the species?

  3. OOOH, good point witten. And are we contributiing to pop culture right now, by coversing about it, through a blog? It's everywhere....

    take the blue pill

  4. Degradation is part of it - the overall affect of the US and California's culture on the world is part too. Movies, music, wine, technology, and on and on.. I think there's a line in the song Californication about when a girl in Sweeden dreams of becoming a movie star - that's in part the influence of the U.S. in general and Hollywood in particular.

    As a side note - the Chili Pepper's constantly reference places in the U.S. - Ohio's been mentioned on a couple albums, Michigan, Kentucky, Mississippi, and even good ole 'Bama..

    ...and it's not their fault WNCI plays their music.

  5. Looks like the commenting system is backup.

    Only other thing I can add is that they formed in LA and came up in the club scene during the 80s and they've been singing about LA for ever... it's part of their identity.

    Californication is really just a clever play on globalization.