Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Night Shift...

If you've ever been to the Pig Roast and stayed up past 1:00am, then you've probably seen this guy running the grill late night. I was taking a quick scan of the OPR site and caught this picture taken by Uncle Andy. He's titled it "Night Shift"... which is officially this guys nick-name. If memory serves, he always rides up on a motor cycle with a little tent straped to his back seat and parks / sleeps in the parking lot area. Anyone know his real name?


  1. I know that if any of you see him behind the grill late night...kick his ass. I have told him for the last three years running to get out of the kitchen but he's too wasted to listen. I have seen him dump out cooolers looking for food to cook. Another time he got the propane tank(the big silver one) out of my truck and tried to hook it up. Lots of propnae in the air that night. The guy didn't have it threaded right and gas was leaking out. He didn't notice because he was trying to light the grill. Darwin award maybe? His response is always,"Don't worry man I'm a chef." I ask you all, what kind of chef would throw a whole pork butt on a grill?

    This man is banned from the kitchen. End of story. If he is seen cooking w/o me present. Warn him. He is a marked man.

  2. You mean when he's seen cooking... it's going to happen. After 1:00am or so things get crazy and people get hungry... the kitchen is a free for all, I swear I saw Norm kickn' it behind the grill serving up burgers for all the other dogs in attendance.

  3. I don't mind people being hungry. If I don't have to chase this guy off I'll be fine. I will hurt him this year. I don't give a fuck what his purpose is. Anyone who endangers me or others at the pig roast will get eliminated from the equation. period. I don't ask a great deal of anyone during this event, but this is an issue I feel rather strongly about. There will be no more free for alls in the kitchen unless all involved stay the next morning and clean up every fucking morsel on the ground.