Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fire! Run!

bollocks. I was all set to go down to london tomorrow for a visit to our office right across the street from Kings cross and to share a pint with Helen-the-Cockney when:

Rail commuters are facing further disruption as King's Cross station in London remains closed for a second day following a fire.
The station and nearby homes were evacuated on Monday after the blaze at a building site raised concerns that gas cylinders might explode.

About 1,000 residents may not be allowed back home until Wednesday.

Rail firm GNER said the station was likely to remain shut for at least another 24-hours.

A 200m (656ft) exclusion zone was set up as firefighters tried to cool the cylinders, described as being in an "extremely dangerous" condition.

All rail services in and out of the station, from 0600 GMT, will be starting and terminating at Peterborough station.

A Network Rail spokesman said that because staff at the signal box were forced to leave, "we will be unable to run trains south of Peterborough until further notice".

He added: "We are constantly monitoring the situation with the London Fire Brigade to establish when it will be safe to reopen the station and for services to resume."


  1. This is one of, if not the biggest rail stations in London Correct? When I visited I arrived in London at 7:00am, Helen Met me there and I felt like a comuter... rolln' around on the underground reading the paper. The station was under massive construction at that point and people were flying around everywhere.

  2. Well, the police jsut told our london office they're still not getting in tomorrow. Apprently the fire caused a landslide, which covered numerous gas canisters in hot earth and they still haven't cooled sufficiently.
    I'm staying the hell away from that.