Friday, June 02, 2006

It went so well the first time...

So I'll be making my triumphant(and by triumphant I mean extremely humbling) return to Columbus this Wednesday to retrieve a car I purchased last week. I'm hoping the odds of two cars exploding on one person are extraordinarily low.
Anyway, the actual purpose of this post is to try and get some people together on either Wednesday or Thursday night for a bit of a feast or perhaps some adult beverages or the sum of the two. I know it's the middle of the week but unfortunately I'll only be home those days before my brother and I try once again to make that long trek back across the country. As a side note: if anyone's crazy enough to want to drive out with us on short notice, I've got an extra seat and would probably be able to fund your return trip(yes, I understand that anybody having the time for this is highly unlikely but sometimes you've got to say "What the F*#k!").
So if you could try and clear your schedules for Wed. or Thurs. I'd love to see ya's!

P.S. Erick, I will be requiring an A-Z blog tutorial at your earliest convenience.


  1. Wed. is dart night at Byrnes. There is always someone there Wed.

  2. I'm sure we'll be able to rustle up some people for a welcome back / send off party. Drive safe!