Monday, June 05, 2006

G-town Development

The City of Grandview Heights is experiencing a redevelopment boom. In particular, a bunch of parcels around the corner of Grandview Ave and Goodale Blvd have been purchased by a developer looking to tear down the old Knights Inn and put something new in (most likely a big box retail chain ala Walmart or Home Depot). The Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission studied the area and came up with their own suggestions emphasizing smaller, more multi-purpose development ala Easton / Arena District.

You can find all of M.O.R.P.C.'s documents on the City of Grandview's Development office (Link Here). These documents are full of dreamy artists renditions and interesting parcel maps as seen below. I'll try to keep this updated with any new info... there's been ample coverage by the community news papers so this post is brief... however, feel free to add your knowledge in the comments.


  1. That whole thing...the document, the study, the sketches, the economic impact the kind of thing my company here in Blighty's remarkably similar to some stuff we put out, but sketches are even more dreamy and feature just lines, blocks and cars or roads or concrete.

  2. My neighbor works for an architecture firm that designs Home Depots. He says a Grandview Home Depot is probably not going to happen.