Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BDay Party - Saturday @ The Evan's

Below is a special service announcement from Chuck....Thursday is Nickie's big 30!!!!

Hello everyone,
This is to invite you over to our house this Saturday to help me celebrate Nickie's birthday. Yeah she's old, like dirt old, like thirty old. So I need lots of help in getting her drunk enough to pass out in the car, set off the alarm, and not remember any of it. So come by around 7 or 8 or earlier and I'll make sure we have some cocktails to get everyone started and feel free to bring some beers with you. Thanks and call me if you have any questions.


Haris no gigantic Heineken bottles. thanks.


  1. YES! This is the perfect occasion to kill off the gigantic bottle three olives, it's the perfect substitute for the missing bottle of heineken.

  2. Comfest is this weekend too...

  3. team evans is attending comfest friday like noon ish to five or maggie throws up like fivce times. which ever happens first.