Friday, May 05, 2006

Take me out to the ball game...

Here's some US Soccer propaganda. This gatorade commercial shows what our team goes through when playing around the world. Also don't forget our new Logo created by Nike... feel free to start chanting...


  1. I'd like the point out that ALL national football teams go through that.
    And why did Nike create you a new badge? How is your national pride so easily franchised?
    We have Rooney cocooned in an oxygen chamber in an attempt to heal his broken's all very bizarre

  2. It's a propaganda post ;)

    Everything has a price right? Also this isn't the official logo... just one Nike put together to bring our revolutionary blood to boil (or sell more US soccer merch). The offical logo is a crest with "US" and a soccer ball... check their official site for an example.

    I read about Rooney's leg... I can see the tabloid headlines now...

    "Rooney Consults Jacko on O2 treatment"