Monday, May 22, 2006

Are you Emo?

Click on the title for an Emo video. I thank Erick for bringing Emo into my vocabulary. I laugh at these kids when I see them on the street. I hope the next time one of them snaps I'm near my Beretta. If only their parents believed in hugs.

This is my third post in a row today, a new record. I know Mondays are statistically slow, but this is lame. Speak up people let your voice be heard.

...Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?...Anyone?


  1. Is Emo the opposite of Agro? I'm not up on the "skate or die you trailer trash fucks" language.

  2. I've had another exceptionally busy day at the office, hense little to no bloging, also my extracaricular bloging was halted due to a busy weekend. Anyway...

    emo is kinda lame... grunge was way cooler!

    Also, don't forget the urban dictionary... they've got great definitions for this stuf.

    Also... don't forget about SCREAMO... just like emo only the lead singers scream for the majority of the chorus.

    In my opinon Fall Out Boy is an emo-band that made it big.

  3. Am I the only one who would almost rather move to a new apartment/house than move from one computer to another? I'm moving from the mini to a laptop, and spent the entire day figuring out why things that should work, don't. Ahh, productivity.

    Seth - I'm glad to hear Kings Island may pick up, you'd be surprised at the number of people down here who've heard of or been to KI and CP. I have no idea what EMO is -- although didn't Homer almost start an Emu farm once?

    How was that Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce? I just bought a bottle of the red, and it's not half bad.

    And is it me, or does the new RHCP album get better each time you listen to it?

    Don't stop rockin.

  4. What kind of laptop did you get? Something that's approved by the super secret research agency... does it have a finger print reader?

    Those new MacBooks look damn sexy... and they're priced decently. Anyhoo the chili peppers rule and the album is a tour de force!