Monday, May 01, 2006

420 Backlash

4/20 is big at Colorado University, with Students openly puffing at Farrand Field. This year the University police department decided to do something, by taking pictures of those who participated and offering $50 rewards for information leading to a positive identification. What are they going to do once they ID these people? Anyway, you gotta check out the link, there are a ton of hilarious pictures...

CU Police 4-20-2006 Photo Album
[Via: BoingBoing]


  1. That's one of the most fucked up things I've seen in a while. We might actually get some legalized use down the road if the most public supporters weren't also idiots. I'm sure there are some financially strapped junior G-men on the Colorado campus eating this shit up.

  2. If anything I'd think these types of demonstrations would help the cause... look at the pictures, these are not criminals, these are middle class white kids whose education is subsidized by Colorado tax payers (and 95% of them are smiling ;).

    Here's a quote from one of the CU police officers...

    Identified students will be sent to the university's Judicial Affairs department and may face university sanctions. But, the likely won't be criminally charged, McGraw said.

    New West Network

    Did anything like this every happen at OU?

  3. BIG BROTHER is alive and kickin! I'm just trying to imagine the backstabbing S#*thead who was taking all these pics. Now ofcourse, all these broke college kids are ratting out there friends so they can afford their next bag!

  4. I agree, these pictures show that potheads are not homicidal maniacs or drooling retards unlike the images portrayed by the national council on drug abuse may have you believe.