Friday, April 28, 2006

69 Stallions Reunion

This is Per Amanda Lynn Sexton Graf. She would like to give a reminder blog to all the 69 Stallion Grandview ghetto crew out there in the world. Our reunion is set for July 29th at the Grandview Cafe Second floor. Please Email all contact info to There maybe a few side field trips to the HOLE for those who want to relive the hazy days of the past. And for those light weights out there who still cant hold their liquor (Gorman) I may be able to find some places to crash in "the basement". We just need to sneak past my parents.

To the blogger GOD LABAO, Amanda Lynn Sexton Graf would like to be invited to the blog at

Yours Truly,

"That Asian Guy From Grandview"


  1. Nice post... brings back memories of that bootleg tape ring. We could have made millions... I should have never changed careers.

  2. Ahhh...reunions....looks like it getting to be about that time to back on the horse. I wonder if the "hole" is even there?

  3. Thanks for giving me a whole 2 months to plan this trip from Cali! And...why is Nowa on this page??? Was he in our class??? I must have had WAY too many smoked and liquid lunches.