Monday, February 06, 2006

Wrangler Launch

The early "pilot" 2007 Wranglers were originally scheduled to roll out of the Toledo assembly line near the end of February, but an important supplier aparently went bankrupt. Daimler Chrysler may have to help the company out financially in order to get those new wranglers out the door. This is just an excuse for me to post pictures of the new wrangler (check out the standard hard top).

[Via: Autoblog]


  1. It looks longer than the wrangler of old. It also looks pretty much the same. I'm guessing most of the cnages are under the skin? What's been modified/updated?
    Any more thoughts on a 'driving machine'?
    How are Scion doing? I thought they were a great diea - marketing smaller, funky cars to younger people who are more likely to buy them. Toyota (Scion Parent company) do that a lot here too. Are there many new small models? Small to you being mid-size to me, of course.

  2. It's a little bigger all around and yea, different engine stuff and interior stuff. My next car will proably be a car, not an SUV... something that can take a corner at speed.

    Check out these spy pics of the BMW1 convertable (they dropped three doors and added a softtop)... also have you heard bout this VW