Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A good article...

A good look at the near future in petro-chemical usages. I am as guilty as anyone of loving horsepower and cubic inches, but in our lifetime that will be a sinful lust. My government tells me that buying a bag of "tea", supports terrorism. If that's the case, then what does buying middle east oil support?

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  1. The article makes some good points. Essentially... saying "we're adicted to oil" really doesn't mean much without the policies to do something about it.

    And the author kind of gets at this, but I still think its important to emphasize that the vast majority of the worlds oil is in the middle east and that's not going to change. Since the majority of the worlds oil is there, the biggest portion of our oil is likely to come from this region. So we'd likely have to get oil from other places (i.e. ANWR) or significantly reduce overall oil consumption (which would require significant economic and social changes IMHO) in order to lower our reliance on foreign oil.

    I think your right though... during our life-time we'll probably see something like a 1970s energy/oil cross-roads. At least it feels like we are.