Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Words of Yore 001 ?!?

I'd like to introduce a new regular feature to G-town love, which I hope will be a big hit...


The premise is simple, document, share, and archive crazy quotes and phrases that have been said in the past. I know Brad, Seth, and Ed have kept good records on this stuff over the years and I imagine they'll be in charge of future semi-weekly Words of Yore posts. That said, anyone can post their own Words of Yore... just make sure you put WORDS OF YORE in the title so every post can be easily searchable in the blogger search bar. I know these phrases have been kept around in different places or different people's brains, and I'd like to capture that information and make it easy to find. Enough of the overview...

Words of Yore
  • "I think that loosing your mind shit is contagious."

  • "Molly I've got an idea, lets not ash into the paper shredder."

  • "What that's bitch's problem, I'm one of the coolest people she'll ever meet."

  • "This is the kind of bar with a glory hole in the bathroom."

  • "The fat girls I fuck... they cry some times"

  • Check out this picture for more jems... this was the refrigerator at Eastview, circa 2004. Click Here and add your own note to the board.


    1. Do you have the other fridge pictures?

      "Trickery HO-ery"

      "Can you build an out house in Gradnview?"
      "I don't know, ask the Roberts."

    2. That's great! Iloved that qoute fridge. We keep a book with such qoute's in that we intend to screen print onto t-shirts. thng is i doubt we' get into many bars wearing them. The napkin sketches of finger-action porn are particularly offensive.
      I'll dig it out for you to see....whoa! that could be another great qoute!

    3. "I've reached the point of no return. The P.O.V." - Elo

      "Hey Andy (the Brit) remember that dick from high school?" - Hastie III

      "What do mean why am I sweating so much? I just ran for a whole 18 mins!" - Jared

    4. How about, "It's green dude"

      "Sugar cookies aren't green."

    5. Come on Grandma, no more spillies!

      There was enough beer in the trunk to last the entire summer!

      YO we bake, we bake good...

    6. There are for sure some classics. The pictures of the fridge were bad quality, but I think I have the qoutes transfered to a notepad somewhere. Let's also make sure that we don't use all of them up today on these comments.