Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alfie - the real story

Pint sized premiership footballer Joe Cole has reportedly suffered a savage beating after trying to chat up page 3 girl Keeley Hazell. A 'love rival' gave Cole such a thrashing that the Chelsea and England midfielder 'was almost unrecognisable', says The Sun Newspaper. The tabloid paper, who regularly present the considerable charms of the lovely Keeley, says that Cole jumped out of a window in a bid to escape, 'covered in cuts and bruises and dripping blood.' Cole’s shirt was reportedly ripped off in the struggle, and along the way he also managed to lose his mobile phone and money. And also, somewhat more unfathomably, his shoes! According to the Sun 'They were chatting closely when another guest butted in. A source said: "It all went off. It was late and everyone had downed a few drinks. Joe and Keeley were getting on well but another admirer copped the right hump about it."'Although, from the sounds of it, it’s Cole who actually copped it.



    not safe for work....

  2. Premiership drama! Got any new scoops on the world cup?