Friday, January 06, 2006

RHCP Double Album

Gorman may have noted this in his previous Chilipepper post , but their new Album Stadium Arcadium is going to be a double disk! Here are a couple of quotes pulled from a recent press release / fanclub email Pat forwarded to me.

The UK's New Musical Express had this to say: "The Californians are currently in the mixing stages of their ninth record, the follow-up to 2002's 'By The Way'. Recorded in their home state with long-term producer Rick Rubin, the double album sees the band re-assert their hard-rock roots while getting closer to "the depths one can get into with music." In an interview with Q magazine Anthony Kedis describes the album, "It's heavy, but it's emotionally heavy with lots of beautiful melodies."

Hard to believe its been four years since the last Chili Pepper album. Also I think its interesting their doing a double disk album. In previous interviews I've always heard them say albums with a lot of tracks are harder for people to get into. Oh well, it always seems like they release a ton of b-sides after each album anyway, so now maybe they'll have a few more polished songs. For more information check out or if your into myspace check out their page and add them as a friend.

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