Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sifting through my junk mail, I found an email from none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. and since J-Rock doesn't seem to be in attendance, I'll step in and report that the new album is almost complete - and is named "Stadium Arcadium" - it's due out in the "spring." In other music news, rumors have it that the new Tool album is almost done too, and could be out in April.. and Audioslave has a bunch of songs written for their new album too.. I don't remember when they said it'll be out, so let's just say spring. The only other news is that that dude from the White Stripes still can't sing.. although I guess everyone knew that already.


  1. Can't wait... you got a link or anything to the RHCP news? I checked their site and got nothing. Tool's site had an email from Maynard who dropped this jem "Once the record is finished*...
    * Some final tweaking, segues, art direction, etc. ~ BMB

  2. I might have to buy the RHCP album, instead of "stealing" it from a P2P network. To me, they seem to change a bit with age, but unlike most other bands, the quality of their work has stayed consistently good.