Monday, January 09, 2006


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I assume most of you saw the Bengals get bruised up last night. That hit on Palmer gave me a shiver down the back of my neck. Kind of like watching the replays of when Lawrence Taylor hit Joe Thiesman and ended his career or when Willis McGahee got his knee bent backwards during the National Championship game. Oh well, Carson should be back for next year.

As for the Browns, some articles say they need to draft a defensive lineman or a linebacker, but I think they should pick that DeAngelo Williams guy out of Memphis. He is a small back out of a small school with huge numbers. Kind of like Marshall Faulk or LaDanien Tomlinson.

Moving on to hoops, the Bucks lost their first game of the year in a Bloomington barn-burner. Once Dials got in foul trouble, the Hoosier's big men pretty much had their way inside.

UC plays at UConn tonight and at Syracuse this Friday (I think). Welcome to the Big East boys...


  1. I'll never forget that kid getting his knee bent backwards in the NCAA FINAL...uurgh

  2. What a game... going into the match up I had a feeling that Pittsburgh would win based on their previous playoff experience. Everyone and their mom was expecting a shootout... seeing carson go down after his second play was a shock. It was a great first half though, Kitna came in and played well right away, but he's no Carson Palmer... hopefully he can recover from this... has he had a previous knee injury?