Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Blog it is a Change'n

As I've mentioned previously, the blog is up for its yearly update. I've picked a new template and have begun to tweak it so it works similarly to the current blog. One feature I'd like to add is a profile section which will highlight a random g-town love contributor. At the very least it will be a little section with a picture and the persons screen name. The pictures of me and Joe, included in this post should give you an idea of what I'm thinking.

Hopefully you guys can edit your profiles... first begin by allowing people to view them (this is an option at the intro blogger dashboard on the top right) then tweak them and add a picture or something. You can check out my profile here. Let me know if you'd like to be excluded from this feature (I won't be offended), otherwise I'll make up a similar picture for everyone who's on our list.

By the way, the blog will be turning two years old on January 25th... this birthday will coincide with the re-launch... so get working on those profiles.


  1. This may be a real simply question but how do i add a photo to my profile? It asks for a URL, which i give it (a flickr photo) but says it doesn't contain the right file extention - *.jpg etc.....

  2. That's a good question... if your using flickr you have to view "all sizes" then pick the size of the pic you want. The true url's of just the pictures are found on these size pages... for example...

    If you just view the pic then use that url it will take you to the flickr page with all the other stuff... hopefully this helps.

  3. I guess and easier way is.... does your url say static in it? that staic part indicates the location of the raw pic.

  4. Done - should my snap be b+w?