Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lot Thicker

Google video's been around for a few months now, but in case you haven't heard they've turned it into a full fledge video store by signing deals with content providers like CBS and the NBA. Anyway, more importantly google video lets you upload your own videos to share with others. Check out these guys and their video of Kanye West & Jaime Fox's gold digger... Click on the video for the link. (note: google video uses its own movie player)


  1. Funny stuff. That search engine is cool. Poor folk like me without cable could spend many an hour on that site. Here's a generic rap video I found called Lunch Rap

  2. seriously, some fuckin teacher just pulled that shit in front of you during class, like you wouldn't want to kick his ass for some dumb shit like that!

  3. That's the next numa numa guy... I would have punched that guy right in the face!