Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just for the Ladies

I'm probably a little late with this breaking news story and Billy Bush will probably have an interview lined up on tonight's extra. Anyway, here is your moment of entertainment gossip zen...

Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt's child!!
[via: Entertainment News Article | ]
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Let the bad mouthing begin... first she broke up Brad and Jen, and now their having babies!?!?


  1. Good job representing the entertainment world Erick. In my opinion, entertainment news for women is like sports for men. Anyway, I'm a little shocked about this breaking news. Maybe I'll start a weekly blog update of what's happening according to US Weekly and other fine sorts of info. Maybe...

  2. Erick,I am glad to hear that you are just as shocked as I am! Thank you for posting "real" news. I can't wait to get the issue on Friday!

  3. It never fails...two hot people start humpin' and before you know it there are even more hot, rich, spoiled kids with adopted indonesian brothers and sisters taking over Rodeo Drive. Richers!!!

  4. If were gunna start posting stuff like this, then im gunna post a picture of everytime i take a shit. I think the engagment is a cover up for you being gay

  5. Hey, don't start accusing married people of being gay... Brokeback Mountain is my favorite movie because of the great acting, not because of the gratuitous man love.