Friday, January 06, 2006

Intel eyes entertainment market

The chip giant Intel has made its pitch to be at the heart of digital entertainment with its Viiv technology.
Viiv is Intel's bid to convert PCs into home entertainment hubs and make it easier to play video, music and other content on a variety of gadgets.... click the title for more.


  1. The Cosumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas and engadget has had mad crazy coverage of the event, with minute by minute updates on a variety of product announcements. The next wave of laptops comming out will feature new Core Duo processors... basically like the dual core pentiums out now for desktops (I just got one at work)... anyhoo, the laptops should see a major boost in performace / batery savings. Check out Engadgets CES coverage Here...

  2. Is it any good? your Core Duo? should i push for one...?

  3. IBM is issuing them, I am getting one for work.

  4. I've noticed a difference... resampling a grid is about 25% faster... that's probably the most intensive thing I've done. It may also be due to having a new clean system, hard to tell really... Maybe I'll try some 3d analyst stuff and see what happens.

    You can always check out tomshardware for hardcore processor discussions... they constantly update their CPU comparison charts.