Monday, January 23, 2006

Dream come true

The last three NFL seasons have started out with me having a small dream that this year the Seahawks go to the Superbowl. I also have the same small dream for the Steelers, too. This is one of my proudest sports fan moments. The other was when the Pistons and Pacers had a donnybrook. So- Go Seahawks! Go Steelers! Life is good.


  1. It should be a great Superbowl. I think the line is 3.5 in favor of the Steelers, but I see it as a toss up. Most people around here seem to be routing for the Seahawks and Cincitucky native Shaun Alexander (Boone Cty., KY).

    This letter was in Sports Illustrated a couple weeks ago:

    "When Shaun Alexander was preparing for his senior season at Alabama, I had the opportunity to work with him in a speed-training program in Cincinnati. One day after his workout he, a few of trainers and I were talking about the Heisman candidates for the coming season. Strengths and weaknesses were discussed, and someone asked Shaun, "What's your weakness?" He was always humble, so we all got a good laugh when Shaun smiled broadly and said: Kryptonite."

  2. It was a crazy weekend for football, who knew both games were going to be blow outs. Hopefully we'll have an interesting superbowl... if both teams keep playing the way they have we should have a barn burner. Nice to see a Jared Post too.

  3. The ONly ever NFL gaem I attended stateside was a Steelers game - they are therefore MY TEAM!
    I'm with Jared. Which reminds me, if I come out there for the wedding (26th aug) how's about a trip out to Oregon...J-rod? room for a brit? Yuo may even get a knighthood out of it...