Thursday, December 01, 2005


I've spent plenty of time and money in the iTunes Music store. I know I can still download songs for free via limewire or e-donkey, but it takes a lot of time and you have to know what your looking for. This is an important point for me, I like to hear new music and the music store provides a great interface to find new music. Their front page shows new album releases, highlights staff favorites, top downloads, lets you browse music by genre, and preview songs before you buy them. I'm sure Naptster to go and the Windows Media Music store provide a similar experience, but I think they operate under a subscription model, i.e. you pay a flat fee and have access to everything in their library. With the iTMS you buy a song and it's yours. I also subscribe to a number of podcasts... podcasting may deserve its own post.

Two more features to highlight and I'm out...
  1. iMix: You can create your own mixes and publish them for people to download. I've published one with a total of 12 songs from artists I've recently discovered. Check out this link here E-Lo's iMix (requires iTunes)

  2. Gifting Music: If you have an account on iTunes you can purchase music for other people. Well with the holidays around the corner I thought I'd be generous and buy some music for people. So if you have an iTunes account send an email to gtownlove with iTunes in the subject line to receive a special holiday surprise.

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