Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Comment on Comments / Housekeeping

I just wanted to get some user feedback on the commenting system. A few people have mentioned that the verification word entry is a pain. This option can be removed, but so far it's done a good job keeping the spam comments out. We could also enable commenting to take place in a pop-up window. So when you try to add a comment, instead of being directed to a new page, a small pop-window appears. Let me know if you guys have any thoughts or opinions on how to improve the commenting system or the blog in general (Caution: This may require use of the current commenting system and word verification). I'm getting ready for another first of the year update so stay tuned.

One last thing... have you noticed the banner on the left hand side of the blog? This site provides an event calendar system, which allows people to plan, schedule, and share events. It's kinda like flickr for events... if you want to add events to the g-town list you can create an account and update the info. They just got bought out by yahoo so look for future integration.


  1. I like the comments they way they are. The word verification sucks, but so does spam. Please don't do pop-up windows. Now that everyone uses firefox, aren't pop-ups something they pride themselves on not allowing?

    Pop-ups also suck b/c one of the most annoying "features" of XP is having similar program windows grouped together, so a pop-up would then have to be navigated to just to see it or close it. If anyone knows how to turn this off please let me know. Keep things the way they are.

  2. I agree with Brad - the word verification is worth not having spam.. the blue polka dots on the other hand..

  3. The blue polka dots will be replaced with something a little cleaner... hopefully. I like clean, uncluttered UIs... we'll see what comes together.