Sunday, November 06, 2005

This Week in 2004

So what were we talking about this time last year?

  • Andy The Brit and the Newcastle Jungle Cats Were in full swing

  • Maurice Claret was in the news a lot: 1,2,3
  • Finally, the Cleveland Browns said goodbye to the Butch Davis Era


  1. I'd like to send my apologies out in advance for the next few weeks of low blog attendance. Starting work and closing on the house are really time consuming... also, I have no idea how to do my job. I'm trying to learn but it's slow going. Anyway, keep up the good work all (sorry to Andy about his last post) and I'll catch you all in about three weeks, when I move in. We're living in a hotel with poor internet access and GE's got this huge 'no blog' policy. By the way, I like the assignments thing and when I get more settled maybe I can post about thrust reverser actuation systems... seriously I have no clue... none... do you think there's a book I could get?... maybe something with 'for dummies' in the title?

    and we're not having and kids. we hate kids.

  2. We'll be awaiting your triumphant return. Speaking of... Traci and I will be having a party at our place on Friday November 25th (the day after Thanksgiving).

    As for the Thrust reverser actuation systems... ya can't forget about Netwon's Third Law of motion.