Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Other Butchisms

"People are gonna ask me how I picked Kelly over Tim, they are gonna say 'was it practice?', "was it arm strength?, or 'ability to read coverages?', but really I just went with my gut"

"I think the fans up here need to get a life"

"James Jackson is an intergral part of this football team, were not just gonna give him up for a fourth round pick" (note:Jackson was released later in the season)

"It's like looking at a Picasso painting, if you were to see just the first couple brush strokes it would look like a mess, but given time it becomes a masterpiece" (refering to the browns franchise-We were 5-11 last year and are 3-9 this year)

*****This is just a sampling, Im sure Kenny Roda (afternoon guy up here) will have the entire catalog today...He'll be hilarious (3-7 pm WKNR 850 am, it comes in Columbus most of the time....The first hour will be a must listen) Ill be sitting in my car. You may be able to get it online.....

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