Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sports Desk: G-View Football Update

We are now entering the final month of fantasy football, and I thought an update would be in order....

As you all know 4 teams make the playoffs:
****As a note, when I say holds a tiebreaker over someone I mean only if it is a two team tie, 3+ teams is still real complicated.

Front Runners
Ed 8-1 (Pretty much guarenteed, SEVEN STRAIGHT WINS!!)
Joe 6-3 (Looking Good, holds tiebreaker over Witten, but not Jimmy)
Witten 6-3 (Big Game vs Brad this week, win and he is looking Good)

Inside position for 4th
Shea 5-4 (Holds tiebreaker over Jimmy, but has big game vs. Ed this week)
Jimmy 5-4 (Holds tiebreaker over Joe, likely to win multi team tie)

Outside Looking in
Brad 4-5 (plays all the teams ahead of him ex. Jim, but has tiebreaker over Jim)
Gordo 4-5 (Dying fast, but holds tie breaker over Shea and Brad)

Wing and a prayer
Alex 3-6 (Requires the perfect storm)

Done but expect respectable finish
Ka 2-7 (Not as bad as record indicates, playoff contenders beware, he is the SPOILER)

Deserves to be ridiculed and embarrassed
Erick 2-7 (Changes playoff picture by dropping K.Brown after a 100yd 1 TD performance, thus making Shea way better, team is frozen, terrible GM.....)

Thats where we stand right now. This week should clarify a lot:

1. the loser of the Gordo-Jimmy tilt is pretty much done (especially if Gordo)
2. Joe plays without LT this week (aka the tit), a loss could be interesting.
3. Shea is stepping in front of the frieght train, the 8-Ballers
4. Brad v Andy is also big
5. If Brad, Gordo, Ed win this season will be crazy four teams would be tied for #4
6.If you read this far you as big of a nerd as I am for writing this.


  1. This was the season that could have been... mediocre. By the way I am ahead of Ka in the standings... and I've scored more points than alex... and I check my stuff on Saturday or Sunday morning at Stauf's... If shea Wins it all because of Chris (I'm too weak to play a complete season brown) than I'll forever hang my head in fantasy football shame.

  2. Another way to look at success/failure/luck in our league is by looking at Points For and Points Against for the season. All we try to do is score points, the rest is pretty much luck. Here's a quick run down:

    Points For:
    Jim - 888
    Joe - 863
    Ed - 840
    Shea - 820
    Brad - 806
    Pat - 775
    Andy - 770
    Erick - 741
    Alex - 674
    Ka - 571

    And here's the unluckiest list from top to bottom.

    Points Against:
    Erick - 918
    Alex - 817
    Jim - 797
    Ka - 794
    Shea - 773
    Brad - 745
    Andy - 744
    Pat - 736
    Joe - 728
    Ed - 696

    Fantasy football for 1 season - $25.
    Wasting time at work - Priceless.