Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Long time no paintball?

Is anyone interested in playing paintball this Sunday? I've got a work-related paintball outing down near Cincinnati. Right now we've got 15 people from FMSM and 3 friends... so if you want to work out your adrenaline gland come along. Here are some details...
"I’d plan to be there at 12:30, so we can start at 1. Once again it will be $25 per person, and expect to buy more balls (maybe an extra $5-10 each). It would be best if we split maybe 2 of the 2000 packages of balls at $45 per package. We’ll see what we go though and play it by ear. We will be getting 1 X-large pizza for every 5 guns rented."
We're playing at Paintball Country near Hamilton Ohio (I think this is in Carter's neck of the woods). The adrenaline + aerobic workout will be great perperation for the Turkey-bowl.


  1. I'll play. I hope they will let me use the old PGP. Nothing like a 10 shooter amongst semi-auto's with bulk loaders.

  2. Do you still have the pgp? I could rock out the splat-master. Hey you were one of the first people to have go semi auto when you got that tipman with the bad as wooden grip and case.

  3. 68 Special with a 20 oz tank, uzi grip, and a bumper sticker on the back that says "Sierra Club, Take a Hike to Hell!"