Friday, October 07, 2005

Word on the Street...

Jared will be back in Columbus this weekend? Could this be true? If so... party at the moon tower. Also Joe and Erin may be back for the OSU game (party at Sara & James's).


  1. I'm probably coming up Saturday morning to help my dad on the double he rents out. Seth can attest to the fact that the place needs some help. The story is that Phil (formerly of the local rock band "Phil Dirt and the Dozers") dumped a bunch of fill dirt on the double's yard and never dozed it. True story. We won't be dozing, but working on the roof and siding. Anyways, I hope to make it over to James' to watch the Bucks end JoePa's "winning streak".

  2. Also, Brad is in Vegas at a stock trading convention / seminar.