Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Music

It's been a while since we all exchanged music news, so here are some big bands making it UK side.
Bedouin Soundclash are a cool, reggae style group not necessarily making it big as a reggae group are too chilled to do that, but you know what i mean. you may have heard this tune before.

The Arcade Fire have a great album out called 'Funeral'. Not as miserable as it sounds, nor am i sure it's new..but it's good.

The Killers may already be big stateside, not sure. This album took some listening to, but like Eddie in the male changing rooms..it's a grower.

Tom Vek is just plain weird. like a musical Napoleon Dynamite.

The bees are from the Isle of Wight. They are simply two cool and chilled out blokes who use a hammond organ a lot. I love their first album, but haven't heard their new one yet.

Finally, Mylo has agreat album called "destroy rock & roll". it sounds like he made it on an Atari console in 1986....


  1. good work! I'll have to check these out... the killers have had a few hits... they're not bad... I love the name Bedouin Soundclash... sounds fun.

  2. Nice! Bedouin Soundclash rock, the bees sound like the beatles... and Tom Vek makes you nod your head. I'll be picking up these albums fa-sho

  3. Another good new album is Jamrock, by Bob's youngest, Damien Marley.